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At Wellpower MD, Dr. Andrea Kreithen specializes in Wellness Medicine for men and women. We offer a personalized approach to age management, including hormone balancing, nutritional support and specialty testing. Dr. Andrea Kreithen also provides safe and effective rejuvenation services empowering you to dramatically improve your energy level, youthful appearance, overall health and vitality.

Hormone Balancing
Hormone function declines with age in both men and women. Conditions such as andropause, menopause, peri-menopause, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid imbalance, metabolic syndrome and sexual dysfunction require hormone evaluation to restore balance.

Symptoms of hormone imbalances may include weight gain, low energy, hair loss, low sex drive, depression, anxiety, mood swings,hot flashes, insomnia, poor focus, memory loss, sleeplessness, fatigue, joint pains, muscles cramps, dry skin, exhaustion and more.

We have extensive training in bioidentical hormone replacement and understand the complex interactions involved when balancing hormones. We consider dietary and environmental toxins, genetic and lifestyle factors, offering a comprehensive evaluation including thorough history and specialty testing to allow us to create a personalized treatment plan just for you.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy and personalized programs include a comprehensive medical and personal lifestyle and symptom evaluation, testing – saliva, urine and/or blood laboratory analysis, natural hormone balancing, ongoing evaluations with testing when needed, quality compounded pharmacy prescriptions, highest quality supplementation, stress reduction, nutrition and fitness programs and recommendations.

Nutrition & Weight Loss
Whole foods and nutrient supplementation are vital to the mind, spirit and body.  Nutrition plays an essential role in creating optimal wellness.  At Wellpower MD, we thoroughly evaluate your dietary habits and measure nutrient and hormonal status with advanced testing including biomarkers, essential fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidant levels.  We utilize biomarkers and hormone balancing to further aid in optimizing your metabolism, and then create a personalized plan to empower you to move towards your ideal weight and feeling your absolute best.

Age Management
To feel your best at any age and potentially lengthen your healthy life requires a multifaceted approach.  Dr. Andrea Kreithen evaluates all aspects of your health including mind and body before creating an individualized program to help you age gracefully with energy and vigor. As revolutionary labs and techniques become available to aid in identifying biomarkers, genetic factors and other imbalances. Dr. Kreithen will incorporate these to ensure a longer and more productive and satisfying life.

Telomere testing is the latest example of specialized advanced laboratory testing.  Telomeres cap off our chromosomes and protect our DNA from binding to itself or to stray proteins. Telomeres shorten over time and shorten even faster when we are under stress.  Shorter telomeres are a marker of disease and aging and when identified can be a powerful motivator to help you make lifestyle adjustments that may decrease your chances of developing life threatening diseases.

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